Apr 27

My 2 in 1 BAE – TA 46 by Chigozie Onyinye Ekeh.

Beauty they say is in the eye of the beholder.

For me, beauty is skin deep and needs to be natural and make-up has to give that refined facial look.

Working out my preferred natural look with makeup was a big deal as I had to try a lot of cosmetic products in my quest for the best. My face being very supple, I was not going to settle for just any make up brand.

Because the Make-up industry is also fast growing, I was quick to remind myself not to be deceived by the big names or subscribe to a product just because my friends used them. What is a make-up brand on my face if I can’t achieve that natural, oil free, radiant yet flawless look?

I was resolved.

Then I found this 2-in-1 bae- The Powder plus foundation TA46 from House of Tara.


The feel is smooth and it was everything I wanted but I still had to research it *winks*. I found out while using this Tara product that all beauty products are not the same in quality.

I am inspired that a Make-up industry pioneer -House of Tara International and It’s CEO Mrs. Tara Fela-Durotoye did a great job with these products. She is a really brilliant and intriguing woman, a real make up inventor and a perfect definition of beauty and brain.

In the mood to buy classy and authentic products? shop online @ www.shop.houseoftara.com

This post was contributed by

Chigozie Onyinye Ekeh.

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