Apr 19

I JUST MADE A STATEMENT- Something Precious by Jessica

Love at first sight, that’s not something I ever believed in. But this is not your regular love story, no one is getting hurt here either. LOL!! I sat calmly, she asked me to be patient, quite assuring. Who would have thought I’d let a complete stranger decide this for me. I guess today was meant to be different, she did all the necessary preps and it was a smooth slide.

“You can look now” she said. Reluctantly rolling my eyes to look in the mirror, and WOW!!! How did she do it? I was amazed!! “What is this?”, I asked. “FARIDA” highly pigmented, gliding my lips with ease, such a beautiful intense shade of red, so smooth you’d never guess it’s matte. FARIDA made me look fierce yet subtle, there was this daring energy I had just by staring at myself.

On getting to my event, my girlfriends were all astonished seeing me pop in red. Oh sorry, in FARIDA, yes that’s the new Red. I walked with so much confidence, there was this outburst from within. I’ve never loved red lips but House of Tara matte lipstick in FARIDA sealed the deal. I was too excited to show my pout to all who couldn’t resist. The HOT make-up artist did a perfect job on my face but the lips hmmmmm!!! Now I could understand why the name was given. I could never leave on a journey without FARIDA. So why not shop for your very own favorite Tara product today on their site: http://www.shop.houseoftara.com or any authorized HOT dealer close to you and come share your own experience with me. #buyauthentic #buyhouseoftara #houseoftara_intl #beautyenthusiast #HOTwriters.

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