Tyra Banks Is Bringing Female Empowerment to the Beauty World

Tyra Banks Is Bringing Female Empowerment to the Beauty World

Posted on 23 October, 2014

Tyra Banks, the world's most fearless supermodel and super-businesswoman, makes the biggest announcement of her career: "I'm launching my makeup brand called TYRA beauty! It's not just a cosmetics line; it's a COSMETICS EXPERIENCE." For the past four years, Banks has covertly been developing the cosmetics experience and has surprised the world with what she has kept top-secret for all of these years.

After a mysterious blackout of her social media followed by a suspenseful countdown, Banks shook up all social media platforms by announcing the launch of TYRA beauty exclusively through her online megaphone reaching more than 32 million people worldwide. Banks has radically overhauled the tyra.com website, that now introduces people everywhere to experience TYRA beauty and purchase the one-of-a-kind products. TYRA beauty is wrapped in what Banks calls 'Beautytainment'—where beauty and entertainment collide. With Banks' beauty secrets and secret beauty weapons, TYRA beauty is all about Beauty. Business. Badassery.

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