Health Meets Beauty

Health Meets Beauty

Posted on 17 February, 2016

House of Tara and Medplus Pharmacy have gone into a mutually beneficial partnership that leverages the strength of both companies to grow the Beauty Industry.

Medplus, a foremost pharmacy in Nigeria is largely recognized for its core offering - pharmaceutical products. A major goal for the organisation was to increase consumers awareness for its other offerings. The primary focus for Medplus was the revival and re-enforcement of the Beauty category. The presence of the Tara brand name within Medplus Pharmacy beauty category sparks up authority and authenticity for the category in the eyes of the consumer.

For House of Tara, the partnership instantly expands availability of Tara products by an additional 20 stores. Now Tara customers have more channels to get their products. The presence of Tara products as the headline product in a reputable Pharmaceutical company is testament to the quality of our products. Customers have the confidence that whatever they get from Medplus is of the highest standards and is authentic.

Beyond the attainment of individual company goals, this partnership promotes job creation; as the Beauty Category within Pharmacies grow, the need for skilled Beauty Technicians, Cosmetologists, etc grow thereby expanding an otherwise small job category. This partnership is evidence to other business that possibilities for partnership and collaboration are endless and that they do yield good results/ROI.

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