May 08

Come Rain, Come Shine- Ezeamaka Sally Chifum

The thin line between success and failure is strategy.
If you decide to build a house today, in other to avoid collapse,
you have to think critically about the foundation.

Think about it in terms of structure and more importantly quality of materials.
#BuyAuthentic materials.

I can say this because of my experience with aesthetics.

My foundation has always been poor. All my efforts at finding the reasons ended in vain.

Cracks still on my walls after a new creation.

Rain would wash off my finishing; if not that, the sun would melt it in an awkward manner until I discovered House of Tara International.

It’s only then I realized that the poor foundation were because of fake materials.

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 With the Tara foundation I bought from No 13 Onwuegbuzie, off Nnebisi road, Asaba, Delta State,

I can attest to that fact that my makeover is 100% on fleek, my facial spots? no where to be found.

Besides, it also serves as a moisturizer, sunscreen and a physical barrier to polluted environment.

No more cracks on my walls, neither is there any wash by the rain nor melts by the sun.

Come rain, come shine Tara foundation remains firm. I am a proud user of Tara foundation.

I recommend you to buy from House of Tara Studio Nationwide or shop online at

Use Tara today!.


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